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The Hurley-Pugh Excalibur Brooklands - Specification

Engine: 1212cc side-valve single developing 23 Imperial Horsepower at 2000 revolutions per minute. Fitted with decompressor and Lucas dynamagneto and electric lighting [standard lamp option]. Single camshaft operating eccentric valves. Pressed plain-bearing crankshaft, forked big end to accommodate balance rod and dynamagneto sprocket.
Carburation: 1 19/32" Hurley-Pugh Super Venturi Imperial
Lubrication: Total loss
Suspension: Front: Girder forks, single spring suspension, friction damped.
Rear: Torsion bar and leaf spring, mechanically connected with brass links and friction damped.
Primary drive: Toothed leather and brass amalgam belt
Final drive: Duplex chain.
Price: £63-6-4 plus delivery
Availability: From discerning Hurley-Pugh dealers and Bluffton franchises
Colours: Black, Midnight, Anthracite and Very Dark Grey.

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